EDD Envato Customers

This plugin extends Easy Digital Downloads by integrating your existing Envato customers into your EDD store and increase your sales.

Allow your buyers from CodeCanyon, Themeforest etc. to verify their purchase codes and create discounts on every post/page (via shortcode), on the checkout page or even when editing their profiles.

Verified purchase codes can be found on an overview page or every single connected discount edit page. For creating discounts you have the choice beetwen a shared discount for all customers or individual discounts for every single person.

In case you want to show or hide specific content for/from Envato customers, make use of the prepared shortcodes and PHP functions.

Features overview

  • Purchase code verification by using the new Envato API
  • Purchase code verification and discount creation for valid purchase codes..
    • on every post/page by using a shortcode
    • on the checkout page
    • on the user profile edit page
  • Optionally you can enable a “how to find your purchase code” animation
  • Choose between individual or shared discount codes:
    • Create one discount and all Envato customers will be linked to this code
    • Create a discount template and every customer will receive an individual discount code based on your template
  • Overview page showing all verified purchase codes and some essential information
  • Overview of linked purchase codes on every single discount edit page
  • Show/hide content for/from Envato customers…
    • on every post/page by using the prepared shortcodes
    • inside your templates by using the prepared PHP functions
  • Automatic plugin updates via your WordPress dashboard
  • Available in English and German, ready for more translations!

In order to use this plugin, of course, you need Easy Digital Downloads as well.

Purchasing a license includes 1 year of updates and support for free. After this period you might (voluntary, no subscription!) extend your license including a special discount of 50%. However, the plugin/theme will be working at any time even without having an active license!


Updates & News

19,00€ – 89,00€
  • Documentation
  • Purchase code verification
  • Automatic discount creation for valid purchases
  • Verification & creation via shortcode, on checkout or profile edit page
  • "How to find your purchase code" animation
  • Choose between individual and shared discount codes
  • Overview page showing all verified purchase codes
  • Show/hide content for/from Envato customers